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EDSCO North Carolina Celebrates 3 Years Injury Free


On Friday 8/23/2019 EDSCO Fasteners in North Carolina celebrated an amazing achievement.  As of 7/30/2019, this facility has now gone “THREE YEARS STRAIGHT” without a single recordable injury!!!  The EDSCO NC team along with Richard Butler (President) and Cullen Johnson (VP of Operations) celebrated this accomplishment on Friday with a lunch at Texas Roadhouse where the team was presented a new banner for bragging rights, some trophies and special hoodies for the entire team celebrating this accomplishment.

In a heavy manufacturing environment like ours, this is no small feat.  It takes a concerted team effort and EVERYONE paying attention to their surroundings and looking out for each other.  It also takes a strong commitment by management so a special thanks goes out to Stephen Westbay (Plant Mgr.), Keith LaPrelle (Asst. Production Mgr.) and David Manypenny (QC & Safety Asst.) for their leadership in championing this effort.

Congratulations and Thank You to the EVERYONE on the EDSCO NC Team for all your efforts in achieving this incredible goal!

Written by Jim Cox, Director of Quality & Safety, August 27, 2019